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Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys)

School Supplies for Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys) 2020-21

Please note that children are NOT required to bring school supplies to school in September. Parents will be asked to provide $30.00 (per child) to cover supply costs in September along with their school fees.

As resources are pooled and shared at Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys), the school will purchase the necessary classroom materials for the upcoming school year.

As Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys) is an program where we learn outside, on the land, we ask that parents do their best to equip their child for the outdoors.  Below is a suggested list of gear that will keep students protected from the elements.

Outdoor Gear List for Aya7ayulh Chet (Cultural Journeys):

Rain Jacket

Rain Pants

Lightweight pants (not jeans, preferably quick dry)

Fleece sweater (or other warm sweater eg. wool, microfiber)

Runners/hiking boots

Rain boots

Change of clothes (to keep at school)

Sun hat

Warm hat/tuque

Water bottle (non-breakable, eg. Nalgene brand)

Light daypack (small but large enough to hold sweater/jacket, water bottle, lunch kit and journal, preferably one with a waist strap)

* We will send a letter home about a date sometime in the first few weeks of school to do an outdoor gear check. Do not worry if you are unable to find/buy some of the items before then. We may be looking into other ways of acquiring the gear so that all students have what they need.